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Dog Washing

The Best Dog Washing in Moorpark, CA

We give your dog a delicious pampering with an exclusive cologne!
Best Washing for Your Dog!

Our range of shampoos contain natural ingredients to bring out the best in your dog's coat

Your dog’s service time depends on dog breed and size, and the enjoyment level of your dog! A thorough clean is our aim and this takes some tender care or serious elbow action from our dedicated Groomers.

We use fresh warm water and your choice of specialist shampoo treatments to wash your dog, being extra careful around sensitive areas like the ears and eyes.

Our shampoo range is exclusive to Animal Arts Pet Grooming and has been thoroughly researched and produced by professionals.

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    Dog Washing Service Includes

    Pre-Brushing to Loosen Dirt

    Your best friend will be brushed before washing to loosen dirt and smooth out any matted fur. This will set your pooch up for a thorough wash.

    Premium Shampoos

    We have a wide selection of shampoos for all dog coats including Herbal Deluxe, Whitening, Medicated and Flea & Tick.

    Nails trimmed

    Nails are checked and clipped only if required. Our Groomers are expert, skilled professionals and will determine if it’s necessary.

    Towel and blow dried

    After the wash, your fur baby will be dried using towels and our jet dryer. The ears and eyes are also gently wiped and cleaned with care.

    Canine Cologne

    Animal Arts Pet Grooming signature scent! Our highly sought after fragrance can remain for up to 10 days – even if your dog gets wet!


    All dogs shed, and some a lot more than others. Animal Arts Pet Grooming De-shedding treatment is perfect for double coated dogs that shed. With our De-Shed treatment, you will spend more time with your best friend and not cleaning up fur all over your house.

    Our Shampoo Range

    a unique experience!

    Herbal Delux

    Herbal Deluxe Our everyday shampoo for dogs with healthy coats. This shampoo contains the wonderful natural ingredients of Jojoba, Oatmeal, Aloe-Vera, Chamomile plus additional skin and coat conditioning features.

    Whitening Deluxe

    This shampoo features our exclusive Herbal Deluxe base, with some natural whitening features for a healthy white coat. If your dog is white you will be amazed with the results from this highly sought after product.

    Flea & Tick

    Our Flea and Tick shampoo greatly reduces a safe haven for the fleas. We thoroughly wash the dog, and use a massage technique (sometimes using a rubber curry brush) to access all crevices ensuring fleas are removed from the dog.


    Our Medicated shampoo has an antibacterial and antifungal role that is super effective in the treatment of bacterial infections, fungal infections including ringworm, skin rashes, eruptions, dandruff, itching, hot spots, cuts and wounds. It will leave your dog with a lustrous, soft and clean coat.

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