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Dog Grooming Salon Moorpark

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We include a detailed wash!
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Grooming Salon

Making dogs look great is our passion! Our groomers have many hours of grooming practice including bathing, trimming, and grooming many dogs of all breeds and sizes.

Our first priority in grooming your dog is to consult on the service you are after. This is important so that your expectations are met.

We offer full bath and haircut services and walk-in services, all available by appointment only. Make an appointment today at your pet’s salon.

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    Dog Grooming Service Includes

    Breed Specific Cuts

    All our Groomers are trained to give your dog a look that is specific to its breed. We excel at domestic dog grooming, but show dogs are not really our thing!


    We will advise you if your dog’s fur is heavily matted. This may mean that we need to go slightly shorter to cut away the matts for your dog’s comfort. It’s knot a problem!

    Hygiene clip / Tidy Up

    Our Groomers can ensure that your dog’s hygiene areas are kept in prime order and the coat is knot-free. This clip also tidies up your dog’s face, snout and paws.

    Summer Clip

    This clip will be short and have your dog’s comfort in mind for the heat of summer.

    Winter Clip

    This clip leaves the dog with an overall coat for warmth during the colder months.

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